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Jul. 26th, 2011



Shady Circumstances, a roleplay.

 Oh hey guys!

There's a fun little RP on tumblr that's just started up, http://shadycircumstances.tumblr.com, and we're looking for new players!

The kids in Glee Club are falling apart since their loss at Nationals. Everyone is blaming everyone and they are not a team anymore, so Mr. Schue comes up with this idea to bring them back together again. He decides to sent them to a friend in Texas to work on his ranch in a very small town. They have to learn to work as a team to help keep this ranch going. Will they come back together again? Will some find love? What will happen while on the ranch? Join to find out!

Here's a list of the available characters..Collapse )

This has been cross posted to BrittanaGlee Club,  Glee RPF,  and Rachel-Quinn

Aug. 3rd, 2010

natalia ♔ butterfly


People Call Us Renegades, Prologue | Glee (Puck/Rachel)

title: People Call Us Renegades
0 (Prologue)
fandom: Glee
pairing: Puck/Rachel
genre: Romance
rating: M for later chapters.
741 (prologues are supposed to be short, okay?)
  Title taken from Knocked Up, by Kings of Leon. But for the purpose of this fic, here's the Lykke Li remix.

He doesn't understand her, but that doesn't really surprise him. What surprises him is that he's trying. )

Jul. 4th, 2010



how far they've come

I made a picspam to the To Sir With Love scene in the finale. It's incredibly image heavy, so don't click if you have a slow connection!
Find it hereasadpicture 

Jun. 23rd, 2010



Glee Journey icons

-40 Glee 'Journey' icons


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

more HERE

Apr. 22nd, 2010


Fic: The Man I Have To Be (Oneshot)

Title: The Man I Have To Be
Author: bubbles91083
Pairing: Puck/Quinn implied, but mainly Puck based
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I own nothing (sadly this includes Puck. Oh boy what I could do if I owned Puck. lol)
A/N: This story is about Puck and his finally coming to the terms with the fact that he is really going to be a father. The story was inspired from Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" and you will find some of the lyrics throughout the story. Also please check out my co-written story "Things Unsaid" over here:

It is a completely badass future fic that involves Finn, Puck, Quinn & Rachel. I don’t want to give too much away so please head over there and read it. We’resuper excited about it and we’d love for more people to get hooked – I mean toread it. Now onto the story. Enjoy.

We stand in awe, we’ve created life.


Fic: Things Unsaid (Prologue, Chapters 1 & 2)

Title: Things Unsaid
Authors: bubbles91083, brucas188 & Amanda (who doesn't have an LJ)
Pairings: Finn/Rachel, Puck/Quinn, Puck/Rachel & Finn/Quinn
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Warning: Spoilers thru the first half of the season. Also, HUGE warning: Couples that start out may or may not be who they end up with in the end.

Summary: What happens when you wake up one day and realize that the life you have isn't the life you wanted at all? And what if the only person that can make it better, isn't yours for the taking?


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Mar. 24th, 2010



Puck/Quinn fanmix

Feb. 21st, 2010

Blair w/ black


gleefics Valentine's Fic Exchange Roundup

gleefics is nearing the end of its exchange! In case you haven't checked it out already, you can catch up on our fic. Week One Roundup

Remember to leave feedback for our mystery writers and Join our community gleefics if you haven't already!

Happy Reading!

*posted with Mod permission. 

Feb. 13th, 2010



Glee Sectionals icons

-25 Glee Sectionals icons

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

more HERE @ brooke90

Jan. 26th, 2010

marie lamballe  polignac


Taking Prompts.

Accepting the first 10 prompts for a drabble/ficlet.

HERE @ my journal

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