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Fans of the Finn/Quinn/Rachel/Puck OT4 'ship
This is a community for fans of the FOX series Glee to come together and post fan creations centered around any and all potential OT4s combos in the show. The main focus of this comm is the obvious OT4: Finn/Quinn/Rachel/Puck but other ot4's including Santana/Brittany/Mike/Matt,Artie/Tina/Mercedes/Kurt, and Santana/Brittany/Quinn/Rachel. Fan fiction, fan videos, discussion, anything related to the foursome together is welcome! Be it as friends or something more (OT4, twice as much fun as an OTP!)

1. Please keep all posts on topic. This community is anything OT4 related only. There are plenty of other general Glee communities, in fact there are double and that is so annoying. Other communities would be more suitable for, lets say,to talk about the actors. Unless the actors suddenly acknowledge the chemistry, it's probably best to keep it to other communities. With that in mind, "anything OT4 related" can be discussion, fanfiction, music videos, icons, artwork, fan mixes, whatever!

2. That said, ideally everything posted here would exclusively be OT4 material--however, since that is somewhat rare, any fan creation that features the four characters with equal prominence is acceptable, even if it pairs them off separately (Finn/Quinn with Puck and Rachel observing and longing). Or lets say your ot4 is Santana/Brittany/Mike/Matt, then go for it! If you are wondering anything about the flexibility of this rule, don't hesitate to ask. Please note that this rule can if the community becomes flooded with content that is a little too general for the intended purpose of the community.

3. Do not flame other fans and/or their work. You will be removed form the community.

4. As a courtesy, please LJ-cut all stories, large artwork and spoilers .

5. Basic tags will be used ie: fic, art, icons, fanmix, vid, etc. Except with pairings, this is the rule:

ot4: a/b/c/d (names in alphabetical order)

Community moderated by sariza. If you have any questions or comments please contact me!